Llewellyn Smith http://www.llewellynsmith.co.uk/

The Company

Llewellyn Smith (LS) is the market leader in providing compliance based services to domestic energy efficiency installations.

These compliance services are an integral part of the Government’s Energy Companies Obligations (ECO) scheme, which are broadly defined as pre and post installation compliance reports.

The company operates from Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, but the inspectors and Chartered Surveyors reside nationwide, enabling the business to offer national coverage.

The Challenge

LS had been trading from rented premises near the centre of Bury St Edmunds for 9 years with both limited space and data connectivity.

Due to plans for major expansion and a need to have their own premises, the company’s management team identified suitable new premises in the Anderson Centre business park on Western Way. They needed to move into these premises within 8 weeks of signing the lease. The company also had an urgent need to change the way they worked, from a paper based to a paperless system for communicating with their team of surveyors in the field.

LS engaged Beyond Telecoms Consulting (BTC) to deal with the following issues:

1. LS needed multiple phone lines at the new premises but nothing suitable was present.

2. LS needed high speed data connectivity to fit in with their new paperless systems but again, there was nothing suitable at the new premises.

3. LS had been using rented premises where they did not own the phone system. They therefore needed a system for the new premises.

All the above needed to be in place in time for the relocation.

The Solution

BTC took on a project management role to ensure all the necessary telecoms services were provided on time for the relocation of LS to the new premises. This role included the following key aspects:

a. BTC placed orders for the lines / services and tracked them to completion.

b. BTC sourced and ordered an ethernet leased line service and again tracked this to completion – dealing with any issues arising during the order provisioning.

c. BTC put out tenders for quotes from potential suppliers for both the supply and installation of a new phone system plus the provision of training and an ongoing maintenance contract. BTC then filtered the quotes, made recommendations to LS and oversaw the installation of the chosen system.

The Benefits

a. LS were able to move into their new premises knowing that all the necessary telecoms hardware and services were already in place and fully functioning. This helped them keep downtime to a minimum and resume business as soon as possible after the relocation.

b. LS were able to take full advantage of their new paperless systems due to the high bandwidth capabilities of their leased line. This has allowed them to work more efficiently and reduce costs.

Future Plans

Having moved 50% of our work streams to a tablet based solution, we are now working on becoming entirely paperless.

Each of our field based staff will be remotely connected to our Bury St. Edmunds offices via their tablets, accessing information from our servers directly and in real time. This equates to around 50 simultaneous connections transferring significant amounts of text and photographic data.

With the future proofing of our leased line we have already been able to increase its capacity by 40MBPS and will be seeking to increase it further as new projects unfold.