Buckingham and Stanley

The Company

Buckingham and Stanley has been in business since 1968. The original sites, an all makes and models village garage and a filling station both based in Histon near Cambridge, remain at the heart of the company to this day. The company has seen large expansion over the decades, most notably a Saab Dealership, with a Sales Department in Harston, Cambs and a Saab after sales centre in Trumpington, Cambs.

The start up of a Chevrolet franchise in April 2011, based at the Trumpington site, is the latest addition to the Buckingham & Stanley Group.

The Challenge

As part of a comprehensive project to update their IT and telecoms infrastructure, whilst at the same time reducing ongoing costs, B&S tasked Beyond Telecoms with finding a solution to their issues with telecoms management. The issues were

  1. B&S staff had limited time to look after telecoms themselves
  2. Their existing service provider and maintenance company were not easy to deal with
  3. They suspected they weren’t getting the best value for money

The Approach

After an initial meeting to understand their requirements, Beyond Telecoms undertook a project to achieve the following objectives.

  1. To carry out an audit of their telephone lines and identify any that were no longer required and could be disconnected.
  2. To carry out an audit of their telecoms costs including line rental and inbound/outbound call charges. Following this, a proposal was put together making recommendations to give a significant reduction in these costs.
  3. To identify any billing anomalies, for instance, legacy charges for services no longer being used. It was established that they were still paying for maintenance on a phone system that had been disconnected and replaced some years before. As is quite often the case, these charges weren’t obvious because they were not itemised on the bills.
  4. To ensure full closure on the contract with their previous service provider. There was a dispute about the start and end date of this contract, which had an impact on the end of contract bonus offered by the SP. Beyond Telecoms pursued the dispute on behalf of the client.

The Benefits

  1. Thankfully the audit found that most lines were being fully utilised. Minor ongoing savings were achieved by the cancellation of a couple of analogue lines, which were found to be no longer required.
  2. The audit findings gave projected savings of £1400 per annum on calls alone.  Actual annual savings were £2000 on calls and an additional £800 on line rental. Included in the actual savings was a reduction in cost of £400 pa for the use of an 0800 number.
  3. Cancellation of the maintenance contract for the old phone system gave savings of £500 per annum.
  4. After some months, the dispute wasn’t fully resolved but the client decided not to pursue the matter any further after being offered £500, which was the majority of the amount claimed.

In addition to the above, Buckingham and Stanley now have easy access to a consultant who will deal with any telecoms issues that arise, saving valuable staff time in the process.

Future Plans

As our company has taken on a new franchise over the past 6 months, and continues to grow, we will need to continually review our communications requirements. Our relationship with Beyond Telecoms will therefore be invaluable going forward, as they are not only experts in the field of communications, but also have taken the time to become extremely proficient and knowledgeable with our own systems.

We also plan to change our current system set up, from a BT wired solution to a wireless set up using radio waves. While not under Beyond Telecoms’ remit, they have provided our company with sound advice regarding the migration, and looked to be kept informed of all developments in this area.